Counselling for Siblings of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Butterfly Counselling Services provides counselling for siblings of children or young people who are either on the pathway towards a diagnosis or are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other neurodevelopmental differences. We have found the counselling sessions for siblings extremely beneficial. Often when one child or young person is diagnosed with ASD or other neurodevelopmental differences in a family, there is naturally a focus on that child or young person.

Children with ASD may demand more attention from their parent’s and this may have an impact on the other children in the family. Sometimes siblings can feel they have too much responsibility for their age, and this may bring up feelings of resentment, anger and guilt. This can make them feel that they are not as important as their sibling.

Siblings may experience a sense of loss following an ASD diagnosis in their family. They may experience a different sibling relationship to their friends, and this may bring up strong emotions including sadness, anger, guilt and loss.

Siblings can become overwhelmed at times due to the demands put on them by their family member with ASD, bringing up a lot of tension and frustration within the sibling relationship.

At Butterfly Counselling, we offer a non-judgmental, understanding environment in which siblings can explore their own needs and feelings and how these have been impacted by a diagnosis of ASD or other neurodevelopmental difficulties in the family.

What can sibling counselling help with?

  • Explore emotions and thoughts surrounding living with a sibling with ASD and other neurodevelopmental differences.
  • Psychoeducation around ASD and how their brother or sister experience the work differently.
  • Managing their own anxieties and behaviours.
  • Develop coping techniques to help with strong emotions and thoughts processes.
  • Exploration of feelings and thoughts due to the demands of their siblings with ASD on their parents and on themselves.
  • Developing healthy boundaries with their sibling.

Each session is 50 minutes.

There are many other issues that we can also help with – Contact Butterfly Counselling Services Ltd for more details.

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