Counselling Therapy Services for Parents & Carers

Raising a child can be extremely challenging at times and place many demands on parents and the family. Parents can sometimes feel that they have no control over their lives.

Parenting sessions can also help support the parent / carer when their child, adolescent or young person is having counselling therapy. Parenting sessions can be provided alongside the child’s counselling therapy.

We offer sessions for parents as we know parents sometimes are struggling emotionally and feel that at times both parents and their children needed support, sometimes together, sometimes individually. Parents have shared with us that having sessions provided a safe space for parents to explore their feeling, thoughts, and behaviours and that this brought stability back into their family. Parents shared that it also provided a space where they did not feel judged, and this meant they could open up to the therapist about their style of parenting and about how they had been parented.

Butterfly Counselling is passionate about providing quality counselling for parents to be able to support them individually and, to support them through their child or young person’s treatment.

How can counselling help Parents and Carers?

Counselling can provide a safe space where parents can share their emotions without feeling judged, helping parents process any issues that are affecting their relationship with their child, adolescents, young person. Furthermore, it can be helpful for parents to explore their expectations of raising a child, adolescents, young person.

Butterfly Counselling provides parents with a confidential and structured space, where they can feel safe to explore their thoughts and feelings. Providing therapy for parents increases confidence in their decision making, parenting skills and stress management. Parents may also want to explore their own triggers in the home and develop strategies to use which will help them lower the emotional activation of these triggers.

It is important that parents do not neglect their own needs while looking after the needs of their child, adolescents, young person. Parents may feel a myriad of feelings and have no time to process them. Counselling can be time for you to learn self-care and also a time to learn techniques and skills to help you manage stress more effectively.

Our therapists can help you with:

  • Managing parent’s anxieties around challenging behaviours.
  • Improving family stability by lowering anxiety and giving practical behaviour management.
  • Understanding how to manage your own emotions and thought process.
  • Exploring the parents’ expectations.
  • Exploring everyday parenting challenges.
  • Your child’s, adolescents, young person’s challenging behaviours such as shutdowns and meltdowns.
  • Improving confidence in parenting skills.
  • Exploring feelings of anxiety, guilt, grief, loss, anger, depression, powerlessness and helplessness.
  • Identifying healthy boundaries within the family.

Each session is 50 minutes.

There are many other issues that we can also help with – Contact Butterfly Counselling Services Ltd for more details.

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